Power Plants

We supply both thermal power plants to generate heat from a renewable energy source as well as

gasification plants to generate electricity to supply power to the electrical grid.


Thermal Power Plants

Thermal power plants use fuel to heat up water from a reservoir, which generates steam at high pressure.

The highly pressurized steam then goes through pipes to rotate the blades of a turbine.  As the turbine

begins to spin, it causes the generator to turn. This starts the flow of electricity.


In Poland we use wood pellets as an energy source to supply heat at MAN Trucks in Niepolomice.

In Northern Italy we will start building a thermal power plant using fruit waste supplemented with wood

chips as an energy source to generate heat at Hans Zipperle AG, a fruit juice producer.



Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials contained in the municipal waste into methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide by reacting at high temperatures with controlled amount of oxygen without combustion. The resulting gas mixture is called syngas.

We provide automated pre-treatment systems to prepare several waste streams into a high caloric Refuge Derived Fuel (RDF). With our advanced and unique thermal treatment technology RDF is used to produce syngas with which we generate electricity and heat using our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit.

This unique two-stage gasification process ensures the maximum energy output from RDF and utilizes heat from the flue gases to generate steam whilst keeping extremely low emission values and a minimum production of non-hazardous bottom ash.

These relatively small waste to energy plants are designed to generate approximately 5 MW per line of electricity or heat. These are ideal for clients with specific fuel or waste requirements and specific needs regarding decentral heat and power production for smaller cities or remote areas that are further from centres of larger cities and lack suitable infrastructure.

Waste streams for energy conversion by gasification are:

  • Municipal waste
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Wood waste
  • Medical waste
  • Sewage sludge


  • Gasification is a proven, reliable technology and an environmentally safe way of converting energy in waste into electricity and heat.
  • Gasification can help the world manage its waste and produce energy to fuel economic growth.
  • Through the thermal treatment at high temperatures waste materials, even potentially infectious and hazardous waste decompose quickly.
  • Our two-stage close coupled gasification solution ensures high efficiency of the plant and better rate of return to investors.
  • As gasification takes place in a low oxygen environment the formation of harmful chemicals and gases is limited.
  • The sophisticated flue gas cleaning and continuous emission monitoring system provides the most environmentally friendly plants complying with the most stringent norms.
  • The gasification treatment is fully compliant with the EU standards for Waste Management (WMD), Waste Incineration (WID), Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control (IPPC) Directives and Advanced Thermal Treatment (gasification) BAT technologies.

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