Dordtech Circular Energy Solutions

Dordtech Circular Energy Solutions supplies several waste to energy solutions. Every solution starts with the preparation of waste to fuel which is tailormade for the targeted products and/or energy production.

We deliver mechanical waste pre-treatments that prepare several waste streams into a fuel for power plants or gasification to generate electricity and heat. These pre-treatments are connected with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) stations, complete gas treatment solutions as well as the actual connection to the electricity grid and provide one integrated solution.

Furthermore, we  convert non-recyclable mixed plastic waste through an innovative pyrolysis system into fuel oil, gas or electricity. A unique and profitable solution contributing to circular use of plastics and eliminating plastic waste.

Corresponding to our motto “energizing waste” we can use waste as a source of alternative energy by efficient and economic solutions for today and tomorrow.


Our mission

Our mission is to convert non-recyclable waste into a raw material or fuel than can be used for new products and energy production with profitable and environmentally friendly technologies.

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